Grace Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) has makes its first commitment to missions and evangelism. 

 By starting new churches—From the beginning, the SBTC made missions and evangelism the priority in every aspect of our work. Churches in the SBTC have started hundreds of congregations since the convention began. Of those, over 300 were funded with SBTC missions money. 

By strengthening church ministries—The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention supports the work of its churches by providing over 100 ministry services.

By joining with ministry partners to provide resources for local churches Educational institutions, family ministries, and other crucial services provide important ministry resources for SBTC churches. Partnership with these affiliated and fraternally related ministries means we do not have to own or build institutions.


Grace Core Values (pdf)


Grace Vision Statement (pdf)


Grace Constitution and Bylaws (pdf)